Monday, June 25, 2012

My brother Bob crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We did not get along, but I feel very sad for Mom and Dad and my other siblings.  They all really love Bob and miss him.  One thing, he was a very laid back dood and I respect that.  May you fly free Bob!

April 1998 - June 2012

One of Bob's favorite places to lie down, the window seat in the hallway.

Bob loved our brother Marmelade and vice-versa.


  1. Bob: God’s speed two ewe buddy; we just lurned this two day N we R trooly, trooly sorree sorreee.

    May God comfort yur mom N dad with de knowledge that Bob iz happy, healthy N livin large N in charge in heaven, and pleez let them noe tigger; that az long az they hold Bob in their memory; he will never bee mor than a heartbeat away.

    We noe this trooly hurts yur purrson’s, and it bee devastin ta yur mom N dad, but let em noe that Bob iz knot reeely gone; he just haza diffrunt address, az noe one ever reeely says “good bye” az ewe will all bee two gether again one day in heaven.

    If it helps ta noe, Bob getted ta rainbow bridge; turned N tossed all his trubulls, N sickness, N pain ta de wind, him crossed de threshold oh rainbow bridge and he bee meeted by taylor, sneakers, buddy N precious along with bout 700 mazillion bazillion friends

    Me, dude K will bee mor N happee ta show bob round up heer at de bridge; eye promise ta show him de best fishin holes over at pier 3, eye promise ta show him how ta sneek inta de kitshun over at de happy herring and eye promise to show him de quickest road ta boe boe’s fish N fry

    let yur mom N dad noe two, that Bob haz all reddy set up shop; him opened up a all ewe can eat party mix 24/7/365 plus a few mor hours for leep yeer store; and him bee sellin party mix on abbey road

    Hugs N love two yur hole familee buddy...bob bee one soooper kewl dood ...we iz lovin pic sure two


    Dude K, rainbow bridge cloud 777313 and de trouterz boomer, dai$y, tuna N sauce

  2. bee flounder N friez friday ewe over at boe boe's fish N fry in bout 18 minits....gotta straighten up me cloud furst, coz for sum reeezon, litter bee everee wear :)

    dude K


  3. We love you Tabbies 'O Trout Towne; you made mama smile!

    Purrs and headbonks,


  4. Hey, Tigger. We're sorry Bob had to leave you and your beans. We're purrrrrring that you all are feeling a little better by now, and remembering the good times with Bob a little more than the pain of him leaving you.


  5. dood; we hurd frum R pals newman N inky N samoa N gleek bout yur journee cross rainbow bridge. eye wuz wunderin if that wuz ewe when eye got up yesterday N saw bob, taylor, buddy, sneakers & precious all gathered round with hugs N hearts. eye noe yur mom iz like trooly devastated rite now; spesh a lee sinz bob just arrived heer bak in june. ewe will find that ther iz no sufferin, ore hurts, ore sadness, or unhappiness heer at RB buddy; N when ewe look in de mirror N see yurself aza happee, healthy kitteh, itz troo..coz ewe R; thats what happens when ya cross rainbow bridge. eye noe yur bridge familee and friends welcome ewe with love N eye also noe all yur friends N familee bak home love ya two dood, most lee yur mom N dad; but pleez ta remember; az long az they hold yur memory close, ewe R never mor than a heartbeat away; and az always, this iz knot good bye; merely; until we meet again in de kingdom of heaven. with love frum yur pal dude k, rainbow bridge cloud 777313 and de trouterz boomer, dai$y, tuna N sauce