Friday, September 7, 2012

My boy Tigger peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday; his little body just gave out from fighting Chronic Renal Failure for two and a half years.  His dad and I, and his vet were with him until the end.  Tigger's dad and I rescued him at 10 days of age, and we had nearly 20 years with him.   I will miss by baby boy more than I can possibly express.

Tigger under his kneading blankie

Tigger on his 19th birthday ~ October 1, 2011

Tigger and his favorite brother Marmelade


  1. dood; eye hurd about yur journee cross rainbow bridge and wuz wunderin if that wuz ewe when eye got up yesterday N saw bob, taylor, buddy, sneakers & precious all gathered round with hugs N hearts. eye wanna welcome ewe heer to RB and eye noe all yur familee N friends due two; and while itz veree nice two meet ewe at last; eye also noe de heartwrenchin sorrow yur mom N dad N familee N friends bak on earth R feelin rite now. eye hope yur mom N dad noe they did ther veree veree veree best N when ewe left; ewe dinna trooly say good bye; but merely until we meet again in heaven; as heaven is now yur adrress. eye want ewe ta noe that after ewe get settled in, therz a grate restaurant up heer that serves DE best cheese, donuts, N milksahakes N ewe N eye will head over thata way. ta tiggers mom N dad; pleez noe tigger is in de best of hands now N him trooly N reely iz knot sufferin, ore hurtin, ore in any pain, N he iz N alwayz will be rite by yur side....just coz ya can't like "see" him like ewe R used ta, doezn't meen he iznt heer..coz he iz....he lives on in yur heart N memoree for forever N ya gotta noe this az eye hurd him say this ta bob; tigger said I love you mom and dad and I always will, and thanx for everything....tigger wrote this message and read it two bob N will be sendin it two ewe with hiz love. we all R veree sorree N we noe this haz knot been a good yeer; waht with bob coming to live heer at RB just in june, but pleez remember mr and mrs tigger's mom N dad...ewe trooly will, see each other again sum day....with hugs N love frum dude k, rainbow bridge cloud 777313 and de trouters boomer, dai$y, tuna N sauce XOXOXOXO

  2. Thank you so much Tabbies. Your words are very comforting to me. I know I will see my baby boy again one day and we will embrace in celebration, joy and love.


    Tigger's Mom

  3. Tigger! I love your pictures dood! I know you have been welcomed over the bridge. We love you and are praying for your Mom!

  4. Thank you Timmy Tomcat; you are very sweet!


    Tigger's Mom

  5. dood....eye just wanted ta let ewe noe that this Christmas iz gonna bee trooly.... OK...

    eye noe yur mom N dad iz missin ewe N Bob sum thin fierce; and it's knot gonna be "de same" but eye thought eye wood share with ewe... earl lee ....what we get ta due that ewe can letz yur mom N dad noe sew they wont bee sew sads....

    furst off there iz noe santa claws heer, but's like WAY better sinz we is in heaven....we still get ta give gifts and ree ceeve gifts but de best part iz, everee one is gathered round this ginormous table ta help de baby Jesus celebrate his day oh birth, and lemme tell ya, HIM noes HOW TA PARTEE

    Eye will stop by yur place N we can picks up bob and then go gets taylor, sneakers, precious N buddy N all head over ta boe boe's fish N fry two gether coz onze we gets there.... itz kinda like a concert... N therez gonna be ....a crowd...whoa.....eye has had table 575313 ree served for four yeers now sew we can all bee chillaxin ther two gether if ya wantz

    bring a suitcase ore 73 coz we will be takin home snaks; lotz n lotz oh snaks.....

    and when ya see de baby Jesus....don't forgets him iz like a purrson now stead oh bein a wee purrson...

    yea like de furst time eye seed HIM eye wuz like dood....ewe be tall for a babee... N HIM wuz like dude, eye noe but eye am like 2000 yeers old N haz knot been a baby sinz like a bazillion yeers ago... and then eye wuz like..oh yea rite...coz eye wuz two embarrased ta say eye due knot noe math veree well N canna add...

    anymew we be party in that day like ya haz never been ta a partee, it bein Jesus' birthday, music is rockin, and foodz iz az far az ya can see and then sum, all kinds oh it, plus we can chillax N talk ore play games dee pendin... but when ya see de cake ya iz gonna knot trooly bee leeve yur eyes coz tigger eye am swearin it haz...HAZ... ta bee as big as de hole of de united states...

    then ya can haz a nap, a momint ta meow bout how cool yur mom N dad iz and send em a seekrit message...thatz all ways fun...and it will be for like them onlee...

    sew, eye will pick ewe up like 4;17 that morning; ya can wear a tie if ya want but ya dont hafta wear clothes and let yur mom N dad noe by leevin em a surprise in de hous...that ewe trooly N reely iz ok....

    loves frum dude K, rainbow bridge cloud 777313

  6. dood: we noe ya dont get over this way much any mor sew heerz R wish for ewe N yur familee

    A veree merree Christmas, ta all R pals far N wide
    “Time for me ta takez a brake” de Eazter bunnee cried
    hope de dood in red, brings ya everything ya wish
    hope ya don’t wakez up, ta stoooopid burd in yur dish

    over heer in trout towne, we shirlee will be jammin
    noe chowin down on turkee, wee bee feastin on salmon
    salmon salmon… feastin on salmon
    sing long everee one… wee bee feastin on salmon

    make sure ya eat sum pie, cookieez… Christmas cake
    stay way frum BURD, for de love oh God’s sake
    coz memburr it don’t matter, bee ewe boy ore gurl
    if ya eat de burd, yur shirlee gonna hurl

    pork chops N steaks, even sum burger N friez
    bee WAY better N burd, we canna tell noe lies
    salmon salmon… feastin on salmon
    sing long everee one…wee bee feastin on salmon

    sew a trooly merree Christmas, happee mew yeer two
    we wish ya health N happiness, de yeer long thru
    heerz ta treetz n toys, fore get de brush N comb
    ta all R shelter pals, hope ya get yur for ever home

    thanx for bein R pals, we bee trooly blessed
    we luvz ewe one N all, R pals be de BEST
    salmon salmon… feastin on salmon
    sing long everee one… wee bee feastin on salmon

    luvz frum boomer, dai$y, tuna N sauce & gram paw dude two

  7. I love it Tabbies! Merry Christmas my friends!